About Me

Robin Grover-Jacques

The land, my anchor, firm under foot,
The wind, my challenger, blowing relentlessly,
Storm driven waves crash, shaping the shoreline,
Seabirds soar and dart across stormy skies,
Salt laden water stings my face, exhilarating!

A graduate in fine art painting from Bradford University, the moorland expanses of Ilkley, Haworth and Saddleworth were the sources of inspiration for my degree work. I have vivid memories of walking these rugged landscapes in the depths of autumn and winter, with dark skies looming above, frozen streams and wind battered grasses and heathers underfoot. This is where I developed my emotional links with the landscape and started my journey to express my experiences through my paintings.

Whilst currently based in York, my love affair with the Northumberland coast has been developing over the years.  This astoundingly beautiful coastal landscape constantly feeding my inspiration, with its clear waters, endless skies and horizons, vast beeches, rugged cliffs and rocky outcrops and ruined castles.  But beyond this also hides the history, both human and natural world, with ancient volcanoes, human and animal activities all playing their part in shaping this wonderful coastline.

It is not my objective to paint exactly what I see before me, but to capture those elements of my interactions with the landscape that resonate in my minds eye, driven by the emotional experience of walking this landscape.

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